Can twitter account be traced? Twitter is one of the most popular social networks used by many people, especially celebrities and well-known people in the world. We talked about How to hack Twitter account? and other related topics on Iran Social Magazine; In this article, we want to talk about this question: Is Twitter traceable? So if you’re interested, stay to the end!

Is Twitter traceable?

Can Twitter account be traced? As you know, Twitter is a popular social network that is used by many people around the world. But its security has not been very high in recent years, and there are many reports of Twitter accounts being hacked!

Although the Twitter security team is trying to increase the security of this social network, unfortunately, there is still no trust in the security of this social network and sometimes, accounts are hacked. These things usually happen by user side, however, Twitter is less secure than other messengers or social networks.

Can Twitter account be traced?

In December 2019, a large amount of Twitter accounts’ phone numbers was hacked and leaked. At the beginning of this story, some government hackers, especially from Iran, Israel and Malaysia, requested that phone numbers be displayed on Twitter, which Twitter strongly opposed. After a while, a hacker named Ibrahim Malik was able to automatically create 2 billion phone numbers, drop them on Twitter and connect to 17 million phone numbers and steal them, because of the Twitter security bug.

He did not inform Twitter about this issue for a while, but by spreading the numbers on WhatsApp, the owners were notified, and after that, everyone realized that this problem was from the security of Twitter. Following this incident, Twitter fixed the security bug, announcing in a statement that the account problem had been resolved and formally apologizing to everyone for this.

How to trace twitter account?

Can twitter account be traced? Leaking numbers and tracing people’s accounts has been due to the users’ own carelessness. If you’re worried that your Twitter number may be leaked, you can prevent this by increasing the security of your Twitter account. Twitter security from its server is getting better day by day; Accounts are usually hacked by the user due to their carelessness.

You need to know different ways to increase the security of your Twitter and use these features to be able to reduce the possibility of your Twitter account being hacked. We discussed about these methods in the article “How to secure Twitter account?” and you can learn these methods well by reading this

In the continuation of can twitter account be traced? Article, we will name some ways to increase your security on Twitter to prevent tracing and hacking your account:

  1. Keep Twitter update,
  2. Use VPN to hide your IP,
  3. Activate the two-step verification,
  4. Be careful about phishing attacks,
  5. Block apps access to your contacts or Twitter,
  6. Choose a complex and hard password for your account,
  7. Use Google Chrome if you want to log in through a browser,
  8. Use apps that helps you to increase your security on Twitter,
  9. Hide your personal information, phone number or location in your tweets,
  10. Etc.

Trace Twitter Account

In this article from Iran Social Magazine, we talked about this question: Can twitter account be traced? And we completely explain it. We also mentioned some ways to prevent your account from being traced and increase your security. If you are interested you can refer to How to hack Twitter account? article for more information.