Celebrity Twitter Hacking: Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world, and millions of people with different accounts tweet daily on this social network and share content with other people. But the security of Twitter is one of the most unstable things in the world today, and in this app and social network, things have happened that you will be surprised to hear. In the following of this article on Iran social security magazine, we want to talk about this topic.

Celebrity Twitter Hacking

Twitter is one of the most popular virtual networks in the world, where you are allowed to post an unlimited number of 280-character tweets. But one of the issues that was considered a problem with Twitter from the beginning was its security, the level of security of its accounts was very low, and many people were dissatisfied with this issue and did not use Twitter. However, it is still known as one of the most popular social networks and has attracted many Iranians because of its interesting user interface.

But one of the greatest security adventures in history; It happened in a recent year and on Twitter, which surprised many people. The story of Celebrity Twitter Hacking, which led to a scam of several hundred thousand dollars. In continuation of this article on Iran Social website; Virtual Network Security Online Magazine, we want to fully explain the story of Twitter hacking that we have mentioned in other articles and before.

Celebrity Twitter Hacking story

The complete story of celebrities hacking Twitter

In mid-July, there were several reports of Celebrity Twitter Hacking in United States, followed by complaints of bitcoin theft. The story began when a tweet was posted on the Twitter account of Tesla CEO Ilan Musk, who recently became the richest man in the world.

The text of Ilan Mask’s tweet was as follows:

I try to reciprocate the grace of society.

Send any amount of bitcoin to my account for thirty minutes, I will send you twice as much. If you send me a thousand dollars, I will give you back two thousand dollars. Only up to 30 minutes.

In the continuation of the Celebrity Twitter Hacking article, we should add that: This text was followed by a digital address for transferring money. The tweet was deleted shortly after, but the same text was quickly retweeted, and so did several other celebrities, including Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates and several other celebrities; 

All these tweets were tweeted at one time and one day, and after 2 hours, all these tweets were deleted. Shortly afterwards, complaints about cyber fraud were registered on Twitter from around the world. Believers who believed these tweets and sent bitcoins to this address. But as soon as they realized that the money would not be returned to them, they immediately filed a complaint.

This happened on July 15, at 30 minutes in the morning, Tehran time, and in this short period of time (at a time when all of us Iranians were in a sweet sleep!), About 120,000 dollars of bitcoins were sent to various accounts. And did not return. An hour after the incident, Twitter officially confirmed that the accounts had been hacked. But how did this happen?

Celebrity Twitter Hacking story

The story of Celebrity Twitter Hacking

As you can see in the title of this section, various celebrity accounts occurred from within and within Twitter. This story has become one of the greatest social engineering adventures in the security debate. Using social engineering and the art of deception, hackers were able to target some of the company’s employees and gain access to Twitter’s internal tools through a planned move.

Social engineering; It is one of the concepts that has been known in the field of politics, sociology and several other fields for nearly a hundred years. Social engineering in the world of sociology means that you can get people to do different things by getting to know different people and connecting with them. But the concept of social engineering in the world of security is a little different.

In the world of security, social engineering means that you can access a person’s information by communicating with him or her, and through this information, gain the ability to hack him or her or other people. This is exactly what happened to Twitter employees, and the hackers were able to gain their trust through social engineering and enter the Twitter company.

In the continuation of Celebrity Twitter Hacking article: Jack Dorsey; “It was a difficult day for us on Twitter,” the Twitter CEO wrote in a tweet about the widespread hacking. “We feel very bad that this happened.” The Twitter product manager also tweeted: “Our investigation into this incident is ongoing and we will publish more details on this issue soon.”

Twitter soon realized that the hackers were able to access the company’s internal tools and hack their accounts through social engineering and some of the company’s employees. Of course, more details about the details of these tools and how to hack the company’s employees have not been published yet.

What is Bitcoin?

After we know something about Celebrity Twitter Hacking: Have you ever wondered what bitcoin is? Bitcoin is the most famous digital currency in the world that many people have accounts in this system and sometimes send money to each other with Bitcoin. The value of bitcoin is increasing daily and the number of fans and the number of accounts inside bitcoin is increasing daily. Bitcoin is one of the safest and most popular digital currencies in the world, which works on a peer-to-peer basis with a central administrator.

what is bitcoin?

Who hacked the celebrities on Twitter?

About two weeks after the big bitcoin scam on Twitter, three suspects were identified and arrested. Interestingly, all three were young or adolescents. The teenager identified as the main defendant in the case is a boy from Tampa, whose name has not yet been released. His two accomplices were Mason Shepard, 19 years old and Nima Fazeli, 22 years old, from Orlando, Florida, who were arrested shortly afterwards.

This three-person team, which worked under the name of Rolex and also on Instagram with a page called Crypto for health. After the story of the hacking, two stories were posted on this page, which showed that the hacking of Twitter was under the control of these people. In the first story, the text “This was a charity attack. “Your money is going well.” And in the second story, the text “It was our job” was published, which announced the hacking of Twitter.

What was Twitter’s reaction?

As we said later in Celebrity Twitter Hacking article, Twitter was initially ashamed of what happened and spent all its time preventing the second attack, trying to find the culprit and punish it. Twitter controlled this by closing and blocking hacked accounts for a short time and was able to prevent worse things from happening. If you are eager to know about the fate of Twitter hackers, unfortunately no information has been received about these hackers yet.

What can we do to prevent this from happening?

To answer this question and to prevent Twitter hacking, we should mention two points. The first is: try to prevent the hacking of your Twitter page as much as possible. The second and very important point is that you should be careful of hackers and don’t believe every message you read, don’t click on any link in cyberspace and be careful about your behavior in this situation. Iran Social Security Magazine hopes you find this “Celebrity Twitter Hacking story” article useful!