The timer for disappearing messages can only be used for new chats. If you want to enable this feature for existing conversations, you can help or disable this feature in individual and group chats. How to disable disappearing messages on WhatsApp groups? You can stay with us for the rest of this article on Iran Social Magazine, and we will answer your questions.

About how to enable timed messages

By enabling ephemeral messages on WhatsApp, you can send messages that disappear. After activation, new messages sent in individual or group chat will disappear after seven days. The most recent option controls all chat messages. This setting does not affect previously sent or received messages. In an individual conversation, each person can enable or disable long-term notifications. Only the group administrator can allow or disable timed messages in a group chat.

The message will disappear if a user does not open WhatsApp within seven days. However, the preview of the message may be shown in the notification until WhatsApp is opened. When you reply to a statement, the first message is quoted. If you reply to a timed message, the quoted text may remain after seven days. If the timed message is promoted to a conversation with the timed statement setting disabled, the message will not disappear in the enabled exchange. The long-lived notice would be included if a backup was made before the note disappeared. When the user restores the backup, the old messages will be deleted.

How to disable disappearing messages on WhatsApp groups?

  1. In regular chats with people, tap the contact’s name at the top of the chat screen to enable the disappearing messages feature, then tap the Disappearing Messages option.
  2. On the next page, select the On option under Disappearing Messages. To deactivate, the work steps are the same, except that you have to choose Off in the last step.
  3. Ensure you are one of the admins to enable or disable Disappearing Messages in group chats. If so, open the desired conversation and tap on the group name at the top of the screen. On the group settings page, tap on the Disappearing Messages option and the next page, select On or Off according to your needs.

What is the effect of disabling Disappearing messages?

 When Disappearing messages are enabled, messages will be automatically deleted after seven days. As soon as you disable Disappearing messages, all subsequent messages, photos, videos, and files that are sent and everything that happens in the chat will not disappear after seven days!

But be careful that the files sent and downloaded by people while Disappearing messages are active remain on their phone or tablet and will not be deleted even after seven days. Of course, this is provided they have downloaded the file, or the automatic download feature is enabled. Otherwise, the file sent will disappear, and there will be no way to download it.

You can refer to the WhatsApp settings and the Storage and data section to disable the automatic download feature. Then, in the Media auto-download section, select the No media option for different modes of connecting to the Wi-Fi network and using SIM card internet as well as roaming.

Last word

WhatsApp messages usually stay on our phones forever these days. While it’s great to keep memories of friends and family members, many of our messages don’t need to last forever. But one of the new features of WhatsApp is messages that disappear automatically after seven days. Did we try to answer the question, How to disable disappearing messages on WhatsApp groups? This article on Iran Social Magazine and we hope it will be beneficial for you.