Instagram verification badge: If you use Instagram a lot in your daily life and spend a lot of your time in this application, you must have seen the verified badge on some pages. Nowadays, there are many users working on Instagram and having many followers. Celebrities, singers, actors and etc. are some of active people on Instagram. In this article from Iran Social Magazine, we will tell you how to get Instagram verified badge in just few seconds and we will teach you Instagram verified badge hack.

Instagram verified badge hack

You must have seen the Instagram check mark on celebrities’ accounts and popular pages. This blue tick is a sign to distinguish the original pages from other fake pages. If you are active on this application, you have seen that when you search the user name of a specific person, there are many accounts with the same name in results. In this situation, it becomes difficult to distinguish the original account from fake pages.

Instagram verification badge, was created for this purpose so that you can find out if the page is real or not by seeing the blue tick on their pages. Mostly, people who are celebrities or have well-known brands or popular pages going to get verified badge on Instagram. First of all, the person who wants to get verified badge, have to send a request to Instagram and then the Instagram will check the user’s requests. If the applicant has the conditions set by Instagram, the verified badge will be given to the applicant’s page for free!

How to get Instagram verified badge

5 Steps to getting Instagram verified badge in a few seconds:

If you want to know about Instagram verified badge hack and learn how to get Instagram verified badge in just few seconds, you have to follow these steps:

  1. In the first step, you must log in to the account which you want to get the badge for it, and go to “Settings” section.
  2. Once the settings page opens, select “Account”.
  3. Then in the next step, click on “Request Verification”.
  4. After that, a new page opens containing a form, which you have to complete the required information and also upload your ID card or passport in the specified section.
  5. And in the end, by clicking the “send” button, your request will be sent to Instagram.

Instagram verified badge

What is verified badge on Instagram for?

In the continuation of the article ” How to get Instagram verified badge in just few seconds ” It should be noted that: One of the common problems of cyberspace is the existence of people who try to defraud and abuse people; They do some actions like Instagram hacking or creating fake account. Creating fake pages is one of the common actions of fraudster, which confuses and abuses normal users on Instagram. There have been several cases of scams by fake pages until now, that Instagram has created a feature called Verified Badge to prevent this.

instagram verified badge hack

Getting verified on Instagram and Instagram verified badge hack, has other advantages in addition to preventing people from being scams. One of the benefits is the increasing of followers; This increase is due to that Instagram puts pages with verified badge in the top of search results list, so users follow these pages more than others. Also, in the Instagram suggestions section, verified accounts with Instagram verification badge are introduced to others, so they can follow them.

instagram verification badgeHere are some of the benefits of Instagram blue tick:

  • Increase validity and gain users’ trust
  • Being at the top of search results
  • Easier user access to the page
  • Increase the number of followers
  • etc.

instagram verified badge hack

Instagram verification badge

As we explained, verified badge was added to the numerous features of this application to prevent scams and abuses as much as possible; In this series of Iran social‘s articles, we learned how to get Instagram verified badge in just few seconds! and all about Instagram verified badge hack. Also, the applications and benefits of verified badge on Instagram were other things that we explained about in this article.


What is the benefit of being verified on Instagram?

Verified accounts get access to new features before they become available to the public. Also, having this badge increases the credibility of the page and as a result, you can get more followers!

How many followers do you need to be verified?

It is interesting to know that there is no exact number of followers in order to get a verification badge. With any number of followers, you can send request to Instagram to get verified, but you must meet the criteria required by Instagram.