How to hack Telegram with Two Step Verification: Hacking an account with The Telegram Two Step Verification is an issue that Iran Social Magazine wants to talk about it, in this article. Social media make you to connect with the whole world! But, it also endangers you and your accounts against hackers. But there is a feature to prevent hacking, that users can enable two-step verification on Telegram and increase their security.

By using Telegram Two Step Verification, the real owner of the profile will be authenticated so that he can enter his profile safely. In this article we teach you how to enable two-step verification to prevent telegram hacking. Stay with us and read this article till the end to learn how to hack telegram with two-step verification.

How to hack Telegram with Two Step Verification? What is Two-Step Verification?

What is Telegram Two Step Verification?

In this article, in addition to teaching you how to hack Telegram with Two Step Verification? we also want to talk about the Telegram two-step verification details. To explain two-step verification, we should say that: When you set a unique code to log in to your profile with your regular account password, you have actually enabled two-step verification. This helps you that if a hacker has your account password, Telegram will ask him to enter the 2-step verification code to access your account.

With having the related phone and SIM card, you are the one who receives the code and the hacker can’t have it! This system also notifies you that someone is trying to hack your account; So, you can change the password of your profile to prevent it from being hacked.

how to hack telegram with two step verification?

How to enable two-step verification on Telegram?

To prevent hack Telegram with two-step verification, you should first know how to activate Telegram Two Step Verification. For learning that, follow these steps:

  1. Open Telegram application on your phone
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Tap on “Privacy & Security”
  4. Choose “Two-Step Verification” (It’s disable by default)
  5. On the next page, tap on “Set Password” button
  6. Enter your password in box and tap on “Continue” button
  7. Then on the next page re-enter your password to confirm and press “Continue” button
  8. You can set a hint for your password in the next window
  9. After that, you should enter a recovery email to confirm that you are the owner of this account (It’s optional)
  10. Enter the verification code and then you will be automatically redirected to the next page.

enable two-step verification

enable two-step verification

You will see that the password has been set successfully. You can press “Return to Settings” button to return to your account settings page.

enable two-step verification

Disable two-step verification in Telegram:

After we learned how to enable two-step verification on Telegram, if you want to deactivate the telegram two-step verification to learn how to hack telegram with two-step verification, you can follow these steps below, but It may put you at risk of hack Telegram with two-step verification.

  1. Run telegram application
  2. Tap on three-line icon to see the menu
  3. Choose “settings”
  4. Tap on “privacy & security”
  5. Select “two-step verification” option
  6. Enter your password and tap on the tick icon
  7. Choose ” Turn Password Off “
  8. Click on “OK” in the pop-up window that appears.

Your Telegram Two Step Verification will simply be disabled by following these steps; But we recommend that you avoid disabling this feature as much as possible, because this feature increases your account security and prevent hack Telegram with 2-Step Verification. If you want to know How to bypass two-factor authentication Instagram? you can refer to its related article.

enable two-step verification on telegram

How to hack Telegram with Two Step Verification?

To secure your Telegram account, we suggest enable two-step verification on Telegram; This will save your account from being hacked. Hack Telegram with two-step verification is almost impossible, unless the hacker has the phone of the person who want to hack him. We hope you find this article useful and learn about how to hack Telegram with two step verification? We also have some other articles in Iran Social Magazine, such as: How to fix hacked Telegram account? or How can we return a hacked Telegram account? or How to hack Telegram without access and with one-click! and etc.