How to hack WhatsApp using link? One of the most important software that has been created and used in different versions today, are messengers. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers which has more than 2 billion users around the world. But a major problem for all such programs, is the risk of various hacking attacks. In this article on Iran Social Magazine, we want to explain about one of the methods of hacking WhatsApp, which is WhatsApp hack link!

How to hack WhatsApp using link?

Messenger is one of the applications communication that made messaging and communication, much easier for everyone. Before the use of these applications, we used to send our messages via SMS and we were not able to send photos, videos or voice messages. But messengers like WhatsApp, not only reduced the cost of messaging but also allow us to send multimedia messages.

WhatsApp is one of the old and popular messengers that started working about 12 years ago in 2009. This messenger is now so popular that more than 50% of the people in the world who have access to the Internet, use this application!

As we said hack WhatsApp via link, is also one of the topics that has been extensively explored in recent years, and while many people consider WhatsApp to be secure messenger, it can still be hacked and you should be careful about it.

How to hack WhatsApp using link?

What is a link?

Before we learn the method of hack WhatsApp via link, we should know that: what is a link? The word Link means to connect and linking means connecting; In the world of the Internet, links do exactly that. Links in the Internet (which are commonly known as hyperlinks or Hypertext) have exactly the same function and connect the word we want, to our favorite page.

One of the services that messengers provide to their users, is that if you share the URL of a web page, it becomes a link so that other users can click on it and easily open the page. But you have to be careful about hack WhatsApp via link!

WhatsApp hack link

WhatsApp hack link!

There are different ways to hack someone’s WhatsApp account such as:

  1. WhatsApp hacking apps
  2. Using WhatsApp Web
  3. Spoofing
  4. WhatsApp hack links
  5. etc.

In this article we want to talk about hack WhatsApp with links, so stay with us to learn.

If you want to know how to hack WhatsApp using link? we should say that: We may send different links to each other. An online registration form, a funny video on YouTube or an interesting article and etc. These links have no problem and usually, we click on them and enter the page; But what if these links are sent to a person with bad intentions and being malicious?

Malicious links are the links that go to pages you probably don’t want to see; A malicious link can be the link of an or even other pages, but the main malicious links, are the links that take your information. These links are made with the knowledge of a hacker’s programming and designing, that if you click on those links, a person can access your information.

WhatsApp hack link

Prevent hack WhatsApp via link!

One of the problems that this hacking method made for us, is that it happens in order to our own mistakes and we can’t have any excuses! Taking care of our behaviors in these messengers, is one of the things we all need to learn; Because we can’t stop using them, nor can we continue to work without them.

For prevent hack WhatsApp via link, keep in mind that in the digital world and social networks, you shouldn’t click on every link; You have to be careful and check the links, then do not click on the suspicious links or ask about them before clicking.

WhatsApp hack link - How to hack WhatsApp using link?


In this article of Iran Social Magazine, we tried to introduce you to one of the most important methods of hacking WhatsApp and we told you how to hack WhatsApp using link? so that you learn this method(WhatsApp hack link) and not to be hack! We also talked about other related topics on our magazine such as: How to hack someone’s WhatsApp without their phone? or Hacking WhatsApp Group, How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without app? and etc.


How do I create my WhatsApp link?

You can create your WhatsApp link using<number>. Instead of <number> section, enter your phone number in full format. Make sure that the phone number you write, have to be without zeros, brackets or dashes.

In general, you should be careful when you want to click on links and never open anonymous links. Anonymous links may cause your account and phone to be hacked and they are dangerous.