Is your Telegram account hacked? Do you feel that someone has logged in to your Telegram account? But you don’t know how to be sure? How to recover hacked Telegram account? To answer these questions, just read this article from Iran Social Website and learn some Telegram hacked account recovery methods.

Telegram hacked account recovery

Telegram Messenger was able to replace other social networks like Line, Viber, and others in a short time, due to the attractive environment, high speed, high security, being cross-platform, having a web version and etc. But security is never 100%. So it can never be claimed that anything in the world is anti-hacking! Sometimes this program may also be hacked.

If you want to recover hacked telegram account, you should know that: Telegram can be used on multiple devices such as mobile, tablet and computer simultaneously and with only one account; But this feature could be a security issue and threaten your account.

Telegram hacked account recovery

How to recover hacked telegram account?

Telegram is one of the most popular social networks that has several capabilities and that’s why it’s so attractive for users. Login and sign up in this social network is free and easily possible. There are many features in this application that are used by users; One of the important feature of this application is the encryption system (client-client encryption) which is universal and greatly increases security.

If you think that your Telegram account hacked, one of the main symptoms of hacking the phone or account, is reading the messages sent to you by friends and Telegram channels, while you’re sure you didn’t open them, chats were opened and read by someone else! If you want to know whether your telegram has been hacked or not, and be able to see all the logins to Telegram with IP, time and device used, including mobile, tablet or computer, and then find out “How can we return a hacked Telegram account?” Follow these steps:

How to recover hacked telegram account: (Android)

Recover hacked Telegram account: Here are the steps of Telegram hacked account recovery for android users.

  1. Enter the Telegram menu and then select the “Settings” option.
  2. Find the “Privacy and security” option and click on it.
  3. In the security section, select the “Active Sessions option”. For example, if you have Telegram on your desktop, system information including: operating system type, IP and last connection time, can be viewed in this section.
  4. To remove the connected devices, just touch the “Terminate All Other Sessions” option and then tap “OK” in the new window that opens.

Now, all logged in devices will be denied access to your account.

Telegram hacked account recovery: (iOS)

If you have a question that: How can we return a hacked Telegram account in iOS? Here are some steps to disable access to your account:

  1. Go to Telegram Settings.
  2. Tap Chat Settings.
  3. Tap “Terminate All Other Sessions”.
  4. Tap “OK” In the window that opens.

return a hacked Telegram account

Security tips in using Telegram messenger:

After we have learned some ways for Telegram hacked account recovery, here are some security tips for you to increase the safety of your account: Do not copy or execute texts that are published like “This text was designed by an engineer, sent to someone else’s name or…”. Also, to know How can we return a hacked Telegram account? Or not to be hacked at all! Pay attention that do not touch the links asks you for personal information or suggests you to install some unknown software; Because it may contain malicious code and virus that after copying or installing it, will enter your phone and your privacy and damage it.

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Telegram account hacked recovery

Is it possible to recover hacked Telegram account?

There is always a way for you to get your account back when someone has access to your account. Keep in mind that there are many things you need to do to get out of this situation, and you need to have a high speed of action to do them; If we don’t recover our account immediately, the hacker may be able to abuse us in various ways. For example, he can ask for money in exchange for not sharing your personal information or conversations with your contacts on Telegram!

how to recover hacked telegram account?

To sum up

How to recover hacked telegram account? Pay attention that the applications that we see on internet with this title, are only for advertising purposes, and even if you install and use such apps, the privacy of your device and your Telegram account may be affected. If you were wondering How can we return a hacked Telegram account? In this article from Iran Social Security Magazine, we tried to explain some ways to prevent Telegram hacking, So you can get to know them well and learn how to deal with it.