If you don’t know What Instagram Reels feature is? How Instagram reels work? How to view Instagram Reels? And How to use Reels on Instagram? Stay with us in this article on Iran Social Security magazine to get to know this new feature of Instagram. For more information about Instagram hacking, you can visit the relevant articles on our website.

What is Instagram reels?

As you know, Instagram is always trying to surprise its users in its updates and help them create more attractive content by unveiling its new features. One of the newest features added to some versions of Instagram in 2020 was the Instagram reels feature, which surprised many. If you don’t know what is behind the scenes of Instagram Reels or how Instagram reels work? we will discuss these issues in the continuation of this article.

Instagram’s goal in adding Reels was to compete with popular apps like Tik Tok and Snapchat. After the TikTok application faced many restrictions and users were not able to download this application from the App Store, Reels was activated on Instagram. If you have seen a lot of short and funny videos or dancing and strange challenges that are 15 seconds long on social networks, you can guess that these videos are related to Tik Tok application. Instagram reels are also enabled with exactly the same feature.

How Instagram reels work?

Reels are actually short videos of 15 to 60 seconds that are recorded with the Instagram camera and you can add special cinematic effects along with your favorite music and share it. By activating Instagram Reels, you can create a 15-second Reels clip and add very special, funny, cinematic and special effects to them with attractive music.

Just like TikTok, Reels offers you a set of creative tools to create fun and engaging short videos on Instagram. Record and edit 15-second videos with audio, text, special effects and stickers. Then share them with your followers. The possibility of creating 90-second Instagram reels is another new feature of this platform. Of course, it is currently activated as a test for some users.

How Instagram reels work

How to view Instagram Reels?

After we knew how Instagram reels work, we should say that as you know, all Instagram formats such as post, story and IGTV are shown in their own sections. Instagram Reels will also be featured in a new section called Reels, and when users share a reel or a 15 second clip of their Reels, the reel will be published in the Reels section.

If TikTok has a “For You” page, Instagram has assigned a dedicated Reels landing spot at the top of the Explorer page. Clicking on the first rail will take you to Feed Reels. From here you can see popular and popular reels on Instagram.

How to use Reels on Instagram?

How Instagram reels work? Instagram gives you two options to create a reel:

  • Press and hold the record button to start recording.
  • Upload a video from your Gallery.

To access Reels, just open the Story Camera, select Reels, and start recording video. Use Reels tools to prepare your recordings:

  • Tap Audio icon to select audio from your phone and add it to your video,
  • Tap Speed ‚Äč‚Äčoption to change the speed of your video,
  • Tap Effects to apply special effects to your reel,
  • Tap Timer icon to set the duration of your video.

When you’re ready, click record and hold the record button to record a video. If you set the timer early, there will be a countdown before the recording starts. If you want to watch the previous clip you recorded and either trim or delete it, you can tap clip option and edit it.

To sum up

In the latest changes, Instagram Reels has been placed in the main feed of users. In this article on Iran social magazine we explained each of these questions that: What is Instagram Reels? How Instagram reels work? How to view Instagram Reels? And How to use Reels on Instagram? So we hope you find this article useful! If you want to know about Instagram hacking you can refer to its article on our website.