If you activated two-factor feature, you will need a two-step verification to log into your account. For Instagram hacking, the hacker needs this code to hack into pages. The two-step verification of the Instagram app has made it difficult for hackers; If you want to know how to bypass two-factor authentication Instagram? in this article, Iran Social magazine intends to teach you four ways to bypass Instagram’s two-step verification!

About two-factor authentication

Before knowing about how to bypass two-factor authentication Instagram? we should explain that maximum protection of Instagram user account information is necessary for all users, especially users who earn money from being active on this platform; They are users that using different methods such as being an influencer, online sales page, and other business pages (Instagram business profile). When it was announced that some Instagram user accounts were hacked, Instagram officials designed and added two-factor authentication to the Instagram app to prevent this program from being hacked.

This feature helps users to have a confirmation code every time they log in to Instagram in addition to having a password. Therefore, by activating the two-factor authentication feature of Instagram, a verification code will be sent to your mobile number, which you need to enter in addition to your password to enter your Instagram user account, and then you can access your Instagram account. Therefore, hackers can’t or can hardly to hack your Instagram account due to the lack of access to your mobile phone and the verification code. Of course, there are still ways to bypass two-factor authentication Instagram and hack others account.

How to bypass two-factor authentication Instagram?

1: Send mail

When you enter the Instagram application and you are on a page that asks you for two-step verification, take a screenshot of the same page and copy the text that is written below and for the email that the program itself gives you. Send and write in the text of the e-mail to remove the two-step confirmation. As follows:

Hi, I’m hacked, someone put my number in my account and double-checked the invoice in my account now I can’t get the code to login to my page, please remove the two-step confirmation option or a backup Send out

2: Three step entry

Enter in the second step, but intentionally enter the wrong password of the page and enter in the third step, but this time leave the password field blank and click confirm. In the last step, exit the page and enter the page again, without using any of the above steps.

3: Direct message

How to bypass two-factor authentication Instagram? By using 5 different Instagram pages, send 5 similar messages to the same page you want to hack. After sending the messages, wait for it to scan all the messages, as soon as it the desired account opens all your messages, enter the page into your mobile phone, it will no longer ask you for two-step verification!

4: Turn post option

If you did not succeed in Instagram hacking using any of the above steps, you should choose this step but pay attention that this way only works sometimes. To do this, open the posts of the account that you want to hack, go to the last post of his page and click on the three-dots menu on the corner of his post. After that, several options will open for you, select the option (turn on post notification) and then enter the page without any two-step authentication.

To sum up

Instagram has added two-step verification to its app to increase its security and make it less vulnerable to hackers. In this article, Iran Social magazine has fully explained the two-step verification Instagram hacking tutorial for you and we learned how to bypass two-factor authentication Instagram? We hope that this content was useful for you. If you are satisfied with Iran Social security magazine and you’re interested in educational materials it provides, share your opinions with other users in comment section below.