When people decide to permanently or temporarily leave this social network by deleting their Instagram account, they should know the methods of deleting Instagram and know how to delete Instagram account. If you want to delete your account, in this article on Iran Social Security Magazine we want to teach you how to do that so stay with us!

Instagram delete account

These days, the use of different social networks such as Instagram has become an integral part of our individual lives, and all users use these social media in some way to publish their content. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular social media that has many fans in Iran is Instagram, which allows users to share images and videos. But many times, people may wish to say goodbye to this social network forever by deleting their Instagram account, or by temporarily deactivating Instagram, they may leave this social media for a while and return to this network when needed.

How to delete Instagram account?

There are two ways to delete an Instagram account: permanent and temporary. As a result of this feature, users can follow the path of deleting the Instagram account temporarily whenever they want and temporarily get out of the reach of their followers. In this method of deleting the Instagram account, after re-entering the program, the Instagram account will be restored without any changes. But in the permanent Instagram account deletion method, people completely say goodbye to these messengers and it is not possible to restore the information for them. Instagram has set aside a certain period of time, which is usually 1 month, for users who have followed the Instagram account deletion process permanently.

During this period, users’ accounts will be hidden and they can return their accounts by logging in again. But if this period ends and no attempt is made to restore the deleted Instagram account, the account will be completely deleted and it will not be possible to restore it in any way. In this regard, we felt the need to teach you how to delete Instagram account, so that you can delete your Instagram account in the best possible way and delete it temporarily or permanently.

Delete your account on Instagram permanently

The second method we are going to introduce to delete an Instagram account is to permanently delete an Instagram account. If you decide to permanently delete your Instagram account and you don’t want to log into your account again, you need to follow the steps related to permanently deleting your Instagram account. In this case, your account is completely deleted and it is not possible to recover it.

In this regard, you must first click on the link below to be redirected to the link page for permanently deleting the Instagram account. Follow the steps to learn how to delete Instagram account.


  1. First, you must go to the Instagram account deletion page, the link of which is included in the box above.
  2. In this case, a page similar to the image below will be displayed. At this stage of the process of deleting your Instagram account, you must fill in the following fields:
  3. Why are you deleting your account: Choose your reason for deleting your Instagram account.
  4. To continue, please re-enter your password: after choosing the reason for account deletion, enter your account password in this section.
  5. After filling the mentioned fields, you must click on the delete my account button to start the process of permanently deleting the Instagram account. At this stage, Instagram will ask you a question for final confirmation. If you are sure about deleting the Instagram account, you must click on the OK button.
  6. After deleting the permanent Instagram account with the message Your account has been removed. We’re sorry to see you go, you will see that the Instagram account has been permanently deleted.
  7. After deleting the Instagram account permanently and passing the date mentioned in the steps, whenever you need Instagram again, you must create a new account and enter it.


In this article on Iran Social Security Magazine, we explained how to delete Instagram account; We have prepared a complete guide for you to delete your account easily. Deleting an Instagram account is one of the main tricks provided by this program to users. Because it gives you an opportunity to temporarily delete your account using the Instagram account deletion method and restore it whenever you want.