In this article from Iran social we want get you know about an important social media named twitter also about How to get verified on Twitter without being famous? In this program you can fallow famous celebrities and get aware of what they share in twitter! In addition it is a good program to attracting ads. Also we want get you aware benefits of twitter verification. If you want to know about Twitter Hacking you can refer to our related article on website.

How to get verified on twitter by creating account?

First of all you should install that program. And there are many ways. One of the most popular way is using your number for entering:

  1. First you should click on sign up
  2. Then you will go to a page that want your name and number both (you should use the international code in the beginning of your number)
  3. Then click on next
  4. Now it want us some information (like do you want other people find you by your number/ privacy ads…
  5. And now it shows our number and information and you should just click on signup
  6. Confirm your number and after it sends us sms (twitter verification code) and you enter and click on Next;
  7. You must choose a password
  8. you have to choose a profile if you want or you can click on  Skip for now
  9. Also other suggestion you can complete or you can pass it
  10. In your new page you can fallow people and get aware of what they share
  11. Congratulation! Now you have account on twitter and have fun!

Attracting followers and become well known

Fist way to answer this question (How to get verified on Twitter without being famous?) is getting followers. One way is networking. You should find famous people in their situation and retwitte them. If these people follow you and retwitte your posts and mention you in other pages it will help you so much. If you ask how many followers to get verified on twitter is necessary we will say it depends on your social media situation.

  • Share your account link: You can inform others that you have account on twitter to fallow you. Share your twitter page address or link in different programs like Instagram or Telegram or WhatsApp. With this suggest you will introduce your address and people will know your account.
  • Share entertaining twitte: It is one of the most important way to how to get verified on twitter. You had to better share entertaining twiite because it can get attention of people and they like it. By this work they will retwitte your posts and you will get so much followers by this.
  • Not overdoing to share the post: As we told you sharing is one of the most important way to attract followers. Effective way is just avoide sharing all of your texts or twiite and share important things. One another suggestion for you is use some social media platforms like buffer. With this platform you can also manage the posts sharing time. And it will share in the time that you fix it before. If you share a lot of posts it has bad effect on your verifying. So try to share low but entertaining twitte.
  • Profile and bio: If you don’t have proper username and profile your account wont be allowed to show in the search. So choose a suitable and fine username and bio. You can use your work logo or your own photo. It is true that having bio is not compulsory in twitter but first thing that all the people take notice is your biography.
  • Get to know with Embed: One of the good option in twitter is doing Embed. This work can allow you that retwitte your posts. It is a good work to get famous what you have shared.

How to get verified on twitter without being famous?

One important thing is how to get verification badge on twitter without being famous or how to get verification badge. Verification badge is a kind of tick that shows this account is real and it is not fake or robot. Also it is because of the owner of account that how much that character is popular or famous.

It was about 2021 according to the rules everyone cannot request to get verification badge. For getting verification badge the account should have some standard quality.

Let’s introduce some account that hade verification standards:

  1. Company , brands or organization
  2. Entertaining accounts
  3. News organization and journalists
  4. Sorts and athlete
  5. Government figures and politicians
  6. influencers

But according to update rules of twitter in 2022 everyone can send request for verification budge. For this you have to go setting part in the application then click on account information and choose request verification. Requests are reviewed by Twitter server to make sure there are no issues.

Benefits of Twitter verification

There are a lot of benefits you can get by getting Verification badge on Twitter such as: increasing followers, views, like and comment, became famous, etc. So if you want to benefit these features, you can send request to get blue badge.


In this world with these technology we all understand that we should get to know with all the social media. twitter is one of the most important and useful apps. In this article from Iran social we tried to make you know about How to get verified on Twitter without being famous? And Benefits of Twitter verification. We also have other articles about Twitter hacking and more, that you can read them.