Instagram hacking by Termux: How to hack Instagram using Termux? People who are very interested in hacking Instagram with password list, must have heard the name Termux by now and may want to know about Instagram hack Termux tools; As you know, Termux is a Linux emulator that simulates the terminal environment of Kali Linux operating system and allows you to use some system tools. In this article of Iran Social Security Magazine, we want to talk about this topic and learn how to  hack password using Termux.

How to hack Instagram using Termux?

It may have happened to you that your page or those around you have been hacked and you can not do anything else, we have introduced many ways to return your Instagram account in Iran Social Security Magazine. But in this tutorial we want to tell you how you can hack Instagram with a password using Instagram hack Termux tools.

If you want to know How to hack Instagram using Termux? Follow the rest of this article: This software, which is a terminal emulator and is provided by Linux; Created only for Android operating system. Install and run Kali Linux Agent on it. Of course, due to all these features, the size of the program does not reach 300 KB and it has 5 million users who have installed it. You can also download this great and widely used app from Google Play.

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How to hack Instagram using Termux? (Instagram hack Termux tools)

  • To get started hack password using Termux, enter the Termux program and first update the tools with the following commands:

Apt update

apt upgrade

Note: Press y wherever you receive the message [n / y].

  • Then enter the following commands:

pkg install git

pkg install python

pip install requests

pip install wordlist

pkg install wget

  • If you receive the yellow message “WARNING: You Are Using pip version…” click the following command to update Pip:

pip install –upgrade pip

Then enter the following commands:

pip install argparse PySocks asyncio proxybroker

  • Now we download the package by clicking the following command:

  • Okay! Now decompress the file with the following command:

  • After completing the extract, type: ls
  • Now a new folder called instahack has been created that you must enter with the following command:

cd instahack

  • Now type: ls again
  • You can see the contents of the folder:

pass.txt: We put the list password inside it.

proxy.txt: Put the proxy list in it. is the executable file of Instagram hacking tool.

If you want to hack password using Termux, in this folder, the pass.txt file contains the possible passwords of the users, to which you can either add something yourself or replace this file if you have a newer password file.

Note: To hack Instagram, the method of working with Brute Force is that it tries different passwords on the desired account to find the correct password. So the more complete the password of your list, the higher the probability of being hacked.

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  • To start the attack, enter the command as follows:


  • You will then be prompted to enter the username. (The username is the name of the user in question on Instagram.)
  • If you get the message “Do you want to use proxy (y / n)” or hit n
  • If you encounter the question “Please add delay between the bruteforce action (in seconds)” enter 1.

Note: In order to try a large number of passwords, you must use a proxy to avoid being blocked.

How to hack Instagram using Termux? (Instagram hack Termux tools)

Instagram hack Termux tools

In this article, from Iran Social Magazine, we tried to tell you How to hack Instagram using Termux? and how to hack password using Termux tool. We provide you with useful information about Instagram hack Termux tools and Instagram hacking with password list. But if you are familiar with this program or use another method; We are happy to share it with other users in the comments section.