How to hack twitter account? How to hack someone’s twitter account? How to hack twitter verified account? To find the answers to these questions and get acquainted with Twitter Hack, follow this article from Iran Social Magazine to the end. We will teach you some methods such as twitter brute force tool, so that you will know how to hack a Twitter account easily!

Hack Twitter Account

If you are one of the people who follow the news, you have probably see the news about hacking celebrities’ Twitter accounts in the past months or years. “Extensive hacking of celebrity accounts on Twitter” was the headline of that time. But you may be thinking: how and how? Despite the high level of Twitter security, how can this happen?!

Before knowing how to hack a twitter account? we have to say that: during the Twitter hacking incident, the accounts of celebrities such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian, Jeff Bezos and others, were also attacked and hacked. Interestingly, the same message was sent to all of them which the content of the messages, was a request to send bitcoins. This may be considered as the biggest Cyber Attack in the history of Twitter.

If, after reading this news, you thought that how to hack twitter account? or How to hack someone’s twitter account? and how to hack twitter verified account? we will answer your questions in the continuation of this article.

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How To Hack Twitter Account?

How to hack Twitter account?

Twitter is a large social network which many celebrities and famous people have accounts and are active in it; Usually, they use it and share posts daily. This application is mostly about informing. At first, this app was mostly about informing and sharing news, but some people post their favorite content in it and others follow them.

More or less, everyone around the world uses this app and social network to publish news or post content they like; So, of course, it has many fans. Therefore, since its users are from all walks of life, opening an account in this program should be done carefully to protect user security.

But does Twitter provide enough security for its users or not? Generally, Twitter can be considered as a safe social network, but their account may be hacked due to mistakes made by some users. However, you need to know how to hack a Twitter account? to be able to prevent it.

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How To Hack Twitter Account?

How to hack someone’s twitter account?

Knowing how to hack Twitter account? or other social networks, can help you in some cases; First of all, by knowing it, you can also learn how to deal with it, increase the security of your Twitter account and not get hacked. And the second reason to know Twitter hacking methods is that if you were in a situation where you needed to hack into a Twitter account, you would be able to do this.

In the second case, this intrusion could be for reasons such as forgetting the password, restoring your account or control other people’s account. Here are some ways to hack Twitter to get acquainted with them and prevent it from happening:

  1. Social Engineering
  2. Phishing
  3. Brute-Force attacks
  4. Hacking through vulnerabilities
  5. Hacking through the device

How To Hack Twitter Account?


If you want to know how to hack a Twitter account? Here we are going to learn about one of the most dangerous hacking methods. Actually, phishing is the act of designing a page or doing something to trick the user into entering their information for you. The most important point about phishing is that you should know about social engineering completely.
One of the types of phishing attacks is that the hacker creates a fake page completely similar to the original Twitter login page and send the link of it to the victim. The link should be similar to the Twitter login link , and if the hacker can do it well, he can convince people to enter their login information such as email or phone number, username and password. The page will send this information to the hacker and he can hack someone’s account through it!

Twitter Brute force tool:

If you want to know How to hack twitter account? this tool is usually used to execute brute-force attacks on some of the most popular sites and social networks. This tool is designed by Python language, so it can be installed on various operating systems, including Linux and Windows. You can hack your desired accounts and do the following by using the Brute-force tool:

  • Twitter hack
  • Facebook hack
  • Crack Hotmail
  • Crack Gmail


How To Hack Twitter Account?

How to hack a Twitter account?

In this article from Iran Social Security Magazine, we explain how to hack Twitter account? in different ways such as: Twitter brute force tool attacks, phishing, social engineering, vulnerabilities and etc. If you’re wondering how to hack someone’s twitter account? or how to hack twitter verified account? this article is helpful for you to know the different ways of hack a Twitter account and prevent it, or if you need to control and hack someone’s Twitter account, know how to do it.