Prevent phone hacking methods: Nowadays, the use of Internet and social medias became popular among people. Hacking a phone or an accounts, is one of the problems that can happen to anyone in cyberspace. In the continuation of this article from Iran Social Security Magazine, we will explain some of the ways for hacking phones to prevent them and you will find out how to protect phone from hacking.

How to find out a phone hacked?

Hackers are people who use various methods to hack your cell phone, steal your personal information, and endanger your privacy. Privacy is very important for people and they need to have security while using the internet and social networks. If you want to know about hacking phone signs, here we will name some of the common signs of hacking:

  1. Phone performance slows down
  2. Overheating of the phone
  3. Abnormal discharge of battery charge
  4. Receiving suspicious calls or messages
  5. Disruption of the applications
  6. Installing new and unknown applications on the phone
  7. Increasing internet data usage

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If you want to know how to prevent phone hacking? in this section, we will explain some common methods of hacking phones used by hackers, and then we will tell you some ways to prevent them.

Hacking a phone methods

Hacking a phone methods:

prevent phone hacking (malware)


One of the ways hackers use for hacking a phone is malwares. Malware is a malicious program that hackers use to infiltrate your system. They use some methods such as phishing, fake Wi-Fi networks, fake URL, or even connecting a USB cable or external storage; In this way, malware enters your system and you are hacked!

In some cases, when you download a file from a website, links and pop-ups may appear, by clicking on them, they will automatically download malicious programs and install them on your device. Therefore, you should be careful in these cases to prevent phone hacking.

prevent phone hacking (spyware)


In this method, the hacker by using some special software which installed on your phone, can remotely track and access your activities and information stored on your phone; By using this method, hackers can easily misuse your information and endanger your security. So when you want to install an application on your phone, be sure to download them from a valid source.

prevent phone hacking (phishing)


Sometimes advertising and tempting messages are sent to you via email, SMS, or through some social networks such as: Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. These anonymous messages may have malicious links and clicking on them will cause your phone to be hacked. This is phishing method that the only way to prevent it, is to be careful in opening such messages and not to trust them easily.

prevent phone hacking

How to protect phone from hacking? 4 Ways

Hackers may use any of the above methods to hack users’ phones; Now, it’s our job to prevent this from happening by using methods to prevent the phone from getting hacked. There are many ways to prevent hacking, and sometimes you can even prevent the phone from being hacked by following a few small tips.

prevent phone hacking - install

1. Do not install apps from unreliable sources

To ensure that security is not compromised when installing applications, its better to download and install applications from a valid source such as Google Play. This is one of the most important and easiest ways to prevent phone hacking.

prevent phone hacking - update

2. Update your operating system and apps

Periodic updates will be sent to your mobile phone with any operating system (Android-iOS) which you must install them to increase the security of your mobile phone. In operating system updates, new security features are added to protect your privacy.

prevent phone hacking - password

3. Set a complex and strong password

In this way to prevent hacking a phone, you need to set a strong and complex password for your mobile phone and your accounts, so that hackers can not crack your password or easily guess them and enter your phone and your accounts.

How to create a strong password?

In the following list, we have named some features of a strong password for you to set a suitable password for yourself by according to these items:

  • Password length (at least 8 characters)
  • Random combination of numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and etc.
  • Not giving the password to others
  • Being unpredictable

You can also use password generator sites such as: Lastpass to create strong passwords.

prevent phone hacking - connection

4. No connection to unreliable Bluetooth or WiFi

If you want to know how to protect phone from hacking? we should say that connecting the phone to an unreliable WiFi or Bluetooth network, increases the possibility of hacking and opens the way for hackers to hack your phone; They can easily hack your phone using this connection that you gave them yourself. Another way to prevent your phone from being hacked is to not connect to the insecure Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection and be careful when connecting your phone to these sources.

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Prevent hacking phones

If you want to know about hacking a phone or how to prevent it, in this article from Iran Social Security Magazine, we first explained the common methods of hacking the phone, including: malware, spyware, phishing, SIM card, etc. and then we examined the methods to prevent the phone from being hacked;

How to protect phone from hacking? Methods to prevent phone hacking include: not installing applications from unreliable sources, updating the operating system and applications on your phone, setting a strong password and not connecting to anonymous Bluetooth or Wifi.

People also ask:

What are the signs your phone has been hacked?

Some of the common signs of hacking a phone are: Slow down of phone performance, overheating of the phone, receiving suspicious calls or messages, etc. for getting more information you can refer to this article.

How do hackers know my password?

Hackers can find out your password by using some special methods such as: malwares, spywares or phishing.