Forgetting the password of social networks is an unfortunate but inevitable event. Among social networks, forgetting the Instagram password is a nightmare for its users because it deprives them of the attractive and colorful world of Instagram! But recovering the forgotten Instagram password is not so difficult and complicated. Stay with Iran social magazine to learn how to recover Instagram password.

Recovery through the Instagram application

If you want to know how to recover Instagram password, the first and best way to recover a forgotten password is to use the Instagram application itself. In this way, you can get your password again with just one email or SMS. Yes, it’s true, only by email and SMS; That is, if you don’t know your Instagram username or ID, you can still restore your account! So don’t waste time! Run the Instagram app on your phone or tablet and do the following steps in order:

  • On the login page, select Get help logging in.
  • In the next step, you need to enter your account details. If you remember your username, enter it. Otherwise, you can enter the email or phone number with which you created the Instagram account.
  • After entering the above information, you need to specify the method of recovering the forgotten Instagram password, which you have three ways that we will explain in the following.

How to recover Instagram password?

  1. Instagram password recovery by email

The first option you have is to use the email you used to create your Instagram and your account is connected to it.  Select Send an Email. Then, go to your email inbox and open the email sent to you from Instagram. This email contains a link to reset the Instagram password or reset the Instagram password.

  1. Instagram password recovery by SMS

Recovering a forgotten Instagram password by SMS is exactly the same as the previous method. The only difference here is that Instagram will send you a password reset link via SMS. So, like the previous method, this time select Send an SMS. By choosing this option, Instagram will send you an SMS containing a link to reset your Instagram password.

  1. Using a Facebook account

How to recover Instagram password? The last way to recover forgotten Instagram password is to use Facebook. If you have already connected your Instagram account to your Facebook account, you can easily recover your password. in this case, select Log in with Facebook and log in to your Facebook account and recover your forgotten Instagram password from there.

Instagram password recovery

Don’t worry if you forget your Instagram password for any reason. Instagram offers different methods to recover Instagram password of users. In this article, we have taught 2 simple and fast ways to recover a forgotten Instagram password. It doesn’t matter if you know your Instagram username or not. Right now, you can reset your password and find your username from the Instagram application or website.


If you have forgotten your Instagram password, in this article on Iran social security magazine we have explained how to recover Instagram password step by step; Go through the steps mentioned to recover your password easily! We hope you find this article useful.