How to recover Twitter account? Twitter is one of the most well-known and popular social networks. You can tweet 280 characters on this social network and share whatever you want with others. In this article on Iran Social Magazine we will tell you some Twitter account recovery methods; If you’re interested in Twitter hacking you can see related articles such as: How to secure Twitter account? and more.

Is Twitter safe?

Before learning Twitter account recovery, we should say that: Interestingly, Twitter is one of the most visited social networks in the world after Google, YouTube and Facebook. Many celebrities and famous people, have their own account in this app and share tweets!

How to recover Twitter account? Keep in mind that although Twitter is the most popular social network among people, the security of this social network is one of its weaknesses that may worry you. Because Twitter has a history of being hacked, so Twitter’s security is slightly lower than other social networks.

Note that this does not mean that Twitter is not secure and can be easily hacked by the server! In fact, the security of Twitter server is extremely high and with its special security options, it is being updated daily and improving the security of its server.

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twitter recovery

How to recover Twitter account?

Hacking a Twitter account can be done for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways, for example: social engineering, which is one of the most dangerous ways. Before knowing Twitter account recovery methods, it’s better to get acquainted with some signs of Twitter hacking.

3 signs your Twitter has been hacked:

  1. Receive unknown messages, tweets, likes and comments: You may notice an anonymous message, likes, comments, or an anonymous follower on your Twitter account. This could be a sign that someone is working on your account.
  2. Check Twitter account sessions: Twitter also has this feature to check which devices are connected to your account. Follow this path: Settings-> Settings and Privacy-> Apps and Devices.
  3. Expulsion from the account and not logging in: In the worst case, the person who hacks into your account may change your password and you will no longer be able to log in to your account.

But what should we do if this happens? Follow the rest of this article to find out How to recover Twitter account.

How to recover Twitter account?

Twitter account recovery

In the previous section, we talked about the signs of getting hacked on Twitter; But what should we do if we check these signs and find that we have been hacked? Here are some ways to prevent and fix a hacked account so that if this happens, you can recover your Twitter account.

1: Change Your Password:

When a hack occurs, the hacker may stay in your account and use it only without changing the password and expelling you from your account. On the other hand, the hacker may also change your password and expelling you from your account.

If you encounter the first type of hackers we mentioned, you can easily change your password by referring to the “Password” section in Twitter “Settings”. This will remove the hacker from your account.

In the continuation of “How to recover Twitter account?” article we should say: To deal with the second type, you can block hacker access to your account by retrieving your password via email or mobile phone. In this method, it is better to recover your password by phone number, because the hacker may have hacked your email too!

2: Ask for help from Twitter support team:

This Twitter account recovery method can be the last way to restore your account. If you can’t recover your account in any way, you can get help from Twitter support team. By clicking on “Twitter Support”, you can enter the support section of the Twitter and get help from Twitter to solve your problem.

In this method, you have to explain and write your problem clearly and completely, ask them how to recover Twitter account? and send it to the support team; for example:

“Hello, I think my Twitter account has been hacked. Can you help me to recover it?

This is my E-mail: (Type your email address)

This is my username: @test (Type your username)

And this is my phone number: (Type your phone number)”

How to recover twitter password?

If you have forgotten your password on the Twitter and you want to use the same account, by following this simple tutorial, you can reset your password and put a new password on your user account:

How to recover twitter password?


  1. Go to this link:
  2. Enter the username, phone number or email that you have registered on your account (you have to enter one of the mentioned items) then select the Search option.
  3. Your account details will be displayed for you, if this is your account, you can select Continue.
  4. Finally, a message will be displayed to you and an email will be sent to you containing a link. You have to open the link and enter the new password on the opened Twitter page. Then, by tap on the save option, the new password is registered for you.

How to recover twitter password

Learn Twitter account recovery

If you’re afraid of Twitter hacking and losing your information, we suggest you visit How to secure Twitter account? article on Iran Social Security Magazine. Also, if you you’re thinking how to recover Twitter account? in this article, we first mentioned some signs of your Twitter account being hacked and then we told you some Twitter account recovery methods that you can use to restore your account. We hope you find this tutorial useful!