How to secure Instagram account? Is Instagram secure? How to increase the security of our Instagram page? And How to prevent Instagram hacking? As you know, one of the apps that we all have on our phones today and use is Instagram. In the continuation of this article on Iran Social Security Magazine, we want to review all the available ways to increase the security of the Instagram pages so that you can protect your account and personal information on Instagram, against hackers!

How to protect Instagram account?

How to secure Instagram account? One of the problems that all apps, websites and social networks face, is hacking. Actually, most social networks, such as Instagram or Twitter, are almost unhackable by the server and no one can access their servers.

In fact, Instagram is hacked by the client side. This is one of the most important concerns of users on Instagram. Everyone is afraid that their account will be hacked and try to increase the security of their account. You can increase the security of your Instagram account by doing a few tricks! Stay tuned to learn more.

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is instagram secure

Is Instagram secure?

If we want to answer the question of whether Instagram is safe or not, the answer is definitely yes. Because this is a safe and up-to-date platform; But, we can never say that its security is 100% guaranteed. There are always some defects and deficiencies that even a normal person with a little technical knowledge can exploit!

One of the things that may happen, is tracking your IP address by Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing platform owned by Facebook. Therefore, your photos and account information are stored on Facebook servers. Therefore, there is a possibility of its abuse. But you can increase your security in this social media by following security tips.

how to secure instagram account? is instagram secure?

How to secure Instagram account?

Here are some ways to secure and increase the security of your Instagram account and prevent hacking:

1. Choose a powerful and complex password

A strong password can greatly enhance the security of your account. By setting a strong password for your Instagram account, you can greatly reduce your chances of being hacked. But what are the criteria for a strong password?

A strong password should have these 4 factors:

  1. Small and capital letters
  2. Numbers (0123456789)
  3. Special characters such as: ! @ # $% ^ & *
  4. At least 8 characters (character length must be long)

On the other hand, there are also some tools for making a complex and strong password that you can use them and create a good password for your account. Here are some of the common password generators:

  • Last pass
  • Norton Password Generator
  • Avast Password Generator
  • etc.

2. Periodic change of password

How to secure Instagram account? By changing the password periodically, you can also bore the person who intends to hack you and is guessing your password and stop it.

3. Put your account in Private mode

By putting your Instagram page on Private mode, you get free access to your posts, stories and personal information, and increase the security of your account.

How to secure Instagram account?

4. Keep Instagram up to date (Download from a trusted source)

Instagram itself increases its security with each update, and you can increase the security of your account by keeping your app updated.

5. Register your email and phone number on your profile

When you enter your phone number or email on your account, a message will be sent to your phone with each login and an email will be sent to you with each activity. This can help to keep your account safe and let you know if something happens.

6. Keep profile information confidential

In continuation of How to secure Instagram account? article we should add that: Hide your profile information such as email, phone number or other information so that hackers can’t access your account through this information.

how to secure instagram account?

7. Block anonymous followers

Some hackers may want to hack into account by following your page. So it is better to block unknown followers on Instagram and not get in touch with them.

8. Avoid suspicious apps and remove them

Some hackers infiltrate your account by designing add-ons with titles such as Unfollow finder, Free followers, or Instagram downloader. So, you should not install these unreliable apps.

9. Disconnect permission to access your location

Hackers can find you through your location. This may be one of the most dangerous problems with social media; But you can easily avoid this risk by blocking access to the location.

How to secure Instagram account? Is Instagram secure?

10. Do not open external links

How to secure an Instagram account: If an anonymous person sends you a link, do not open it at all! because by opening the link, a malicious app may be installed on your device and you may be hacked. A lot of malware, including Trojans and keyloggers, may enter the phone or computer through unknown links. Therefore, if we do not have any protection tools such as firewall, anti-keylogger, antivirus, etc. on our device, the possibility of intrusion into the device increases.

An infected link can be presented in any form. Software download link, movie, music download link or even link to another site. These links are exactly similar to useful links on the Internet and have no particular difference; Therefore, identifying them is not easy!

11. Enable Two-factor authentication

Two Factor Authentication acts as a double layer of security to protect your account. It is one of the safest ways to increase the security of your Instagram page.

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how to secure an instagram account?

How to secure an Instagram account?

If you want to know how to secure an Instagram account, in this article on Iran Social Security Magazine, we talked about How to secure Instagram account? and we explained 11 ways to increase your security on Instagram and prevent Instagram hacking. If you have any question, opinion or experience about this topic, you can share it with us in the comment section below!