How to secure Twitter account? Twitter is one of the most popular social networks, which is slightly different from other applications such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In this article from Iran Social Magazine, we will talk about Twitter security and we will learn you how to secure your Twitter account?, to prevent Twitter hacking. We will also tell you what is Twitter backup code and how to generate backup code Twitter.

Twitter Security

In fact, one of the best microblogging media that can share 140-character text is Twitter. But in recent years, the number of characters in tweets has increased, and you can write and share your tweets up to 280 characters or even more. Not only ordinary people but also famous people with accounts with millions of followers use this app.

Before knowing how to secure Twitter account? we should say that the number of fans of this program is increasing, day by day! Nearly 250 million daily active users use Twitter daily to follow news, share content, entertainment and more. One of the most common problems that can happen for all social networks is hacking. The process of hacking social networks is divided into two groups:

  • Some hackers who want to hack the social network and its servers,
  • And others, intend to hack into users’ accounts to use their information.

Twitter Security and other social networks security, is a vital and essential point; If the social network server getting hacked, it’s done! Especially if that network is a fledgling network. But social media and their support team are doing their best to prevent this from happening. That’s why no one has yet been able to hack large social networking servers such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook or even WhatsApp. But on Twitter, users lost their security and trust because of the celebrity hacking incident.

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How to secure Twitter account?

How to secure Twitter account?

Some hackers are looking for ways and vulnerabilities to use them to hack your account. In fact, hacking an account on social networks is one of the scariest events for users; For this reason, many people are looking for ways to increase the security of their account in these applications. Here are some effective ways to increase Twitter security:

1: Strong and complex password

The first and easiest way to keep your accounts secure, not only on Twitter but also on other apps, is to use a complex and unpredictable password. Password cracking is one of the ways that many hackers use to hack users’ accounts. Password strength depends on three very important factors:

  • Password length
  • Being unpredictable
  • Complexity (use of characters and numbers)

2: Two-step verification for Twitter security

If you want to know how to secure Twitter account? you should know that: By activating two-step verification on your account and getting backup code Twitter, you have actually reached the second layer of security protection of your Twitter account! When you try to sign in to your Twitter account from a new device, Twitter will ask you to enter another code that will be sent to you via SMS or email and has a limited expiration date. Follow the steps below to enable two-step verification and increase your Twitter security:

  1. Open Twitter,
  2. Go to your profile,
  3. Tap on “Setting and privacy” option,
  4. Choose “Security and account access”,
  5. Tap on “Security”
  6. Select “Two-factor authentication” and turn on the “Text message” switch,
  7. Click on “Get stated” button and enter your password on the next page,
  8. Tap on “Verify” and then choose “Send code”,
  9. After that, enter the code you received via text message,
  10. Click on “Next” and then click on “Got it” button.
  11. Save your backup code somewhere!

3: Update your Twitter!

If you want to know how to secure Twitter account? and prevent Twitter hacking, we should say: Have you ever wondered what is the effect of software updates that often come to social networks? These updates usually affect the security of the apps. For this reason, it is better to update all your system apps as soon as possible to increase their security.

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How to secure Twitter account? Twitter Security

Backup Code Twitter

When you activate you Two-factor authentication on you Twitter account, a backup code will generate automatically for you; But you can get generate a backup code for yourself by going to If you want to get Twitter backup code, in this part of article we want to teach you how to do that, so stay with us and follow the steps to learn:

  1. Open Settings and privacy,
  2. Choose Account,
  3. Tap on Security option,
  4. Select Backup code,
  5. Log in to your account with your username and password and after you receive two-factor authentication request, open the link and enter the backup code Twitter.

Write down or take a screenshot to save the code and pay attention that you can only generate 5 active backup codes at any time.

How to secure your Twitter account?

The development of the Internet and the use of social networks such as Twitter, in addition to all its advantages, provide grounds for the abuse of cybercriminals and hackers. Twitter security, is one of the most important points for users. In this article from Iran Social Magazine we talked about how to secure Twitter account? and prevent Twitter hacking. We also teach you what is Twitter backup code and how to get backup code Twitter, step by step. We hope this tutorial was useful for you!