Another feature of Instagram that has attracted users’ attention and is very useful is the possibility of Instagram post stories. Using this feature of Instagram, you can quickly store the posts on your page or others. How to make a repost video play on Instagram story? Stay with us in the rest of the article Iran Social Magazine to answer your questions.

How to make a repost video play on Instagram story?

1- Instagram story post through screenshot

Before updating Instagram, one of the methods used to save other people’s posts and stories was screenshots. This way, you can take a screenshot of your favourite post or story to share. The screenshot is the easiest and fastest method for Instagram story posts. How to Instagram post story via screenshot:

  1. After opening the desired post or story, take a screenshot.
  2. After doing this, the desired photo will be saved in your gallery. Now, in the Instagram application, enter the Instagram story section by touching the camera icon
  3. Please select the desired photo from the gallery by swiping it up and after adding the effect and making the desired changes, make it a story.

2-Instagram story post through the sharing icon

They are storing other people’s posts on Instagram. This way, users can re-share some of their favourite content with their contacts. These contents can contain photos or videos.

  1. To post a story on Instagram, first, open the desired post.
  2. Touch the share icon on the Instagram Direct icon below the post.
  3. In the next step, it is possible to send the desired post to your contacts in Direct. Select the shared post to your story option
  4. A preview of your story will be displayed. Now you can make the necessary edits (add text or stickers to your story). Finally, select the Share your story option for the Instagram story post.
  5. Posts published as a story will include a link to the original post and the username of the post publisher. Your followers will be directed to the desired post by tapping on your story.

3-Instagram story post via download

Another way to post a story on Instagram is to download the desired post and then publish the post from the gallery on the Instagram story. Various software is provided for this purpose.

How do you repost on Instagram with Regram?

  • Select the post you want to reschedule.
  • Tap the paper page icon below the photo or video in Feed.
  • Tap “Add post to your story”.
  • Edit the caption and credit the photographer or content creator.
  • Tap Send To.
  • Tap Share next to “Your Story”, and you’re done.

How to repost deleted stories on Instagram?

Instagram stories are usually deleted automatically, and you cannot republish a story after 24 hours unless it is archived. But you can recover Instagram posts that were deleted in the last 30 days. For this, you must first go to your profile. Then go to Menu from there and select Your activity and Recently deleted.

Last word

How to make a repost video play on Instagram story? In another exciting update of Instagram, users can share the posts and stories published by others quickly. This feature has made your work easy whenever you see a post that you want to share with your contacts. We tried to answer your questions in this article from Iran Social Magazine and hope it will benefit you.