WhatsApp is one of the best messengers on Android that people use worldwide. WhatsApp has added many features. One of its most attractive features is “one-time viewing,”; A part that makes every photo or video you send be seen only once. We will examine this issue in this article from Iran social security magazine. How to send View once messages on Whatsapp? or how to see view once on whatsapp again hack? Stay with us to learn more.Also, if you want to learn how to hack whatsapp, follow the related article on our blog.

How to see view once on WhatsApp again hack!

As we know, View once messages can only be seen once. But for any reason, you may want to see these messages for the second time or several times. Of course, the point is that in the original WhatsApp, there is the ability to send messages to be seen only once or so-called view once. But you can use another tool like WhatsApp GB to disable this feature with the “Anti-view once” option that it gave you, and see the same message multiple times!

How to see view once on WhatsApp again hack - view once whatsapp hack

How to send View once messages on Whatsapp

  1. Open WhatsApp. Select the person or group you want to send the file to.
  2. Select the send option; This part is shown as a pin on the chat screen.
  3. You should select the Camera section if you want to take a photo or video and send it simultaneously.
  4. And if your file is in the phone memory, touch the Gallery option.
  5. And then, choose to ship your one-time file on WhatsApp, photo, or video.
  6. Now select the one icon next to the send button so that its color turns green. And finally, you have to send the file.

Tips on send one-time photos on WhatsApp:

When you send a photo or video, the number 1 will be displayed next to it. After the audience has opened and viewed the file once, the photo or video will be automatically deleted. Sending pictures in this way is used in one-on-one chats and WhatsApp groups. It knows that people cannot forward or save the sent files to anyone is better. Of course, you can take a screenshot, so it is better not to send important files.

What happens if they take a screenshot of your View Once photo

People can open your photos once, but they can take a screenshot of the screen, which means that the images don’t disappear. But the new WhatsApp, in its latest version, has designed View Once so people cannot take screenshots. When screenshot blocking is enabled, anyone who takes a screenshot will be shown a blank screen. And it offers a message saying that the screenshot is closed due to “privacy added.”

How do WhatsApp View Once messages work

These messages are designed so that they will disappear completely if you see them and then close them. It is better to know that single-use WhatsApp messages will not be shown on the phone’s lock screen, and you must enter the WhatsApp program to see them.

How do WhatsApp View Once messages work

Last word

Sending one-time photos and videos on WhatsApp differs from sending simple photo files. How to see past WhatsApp photos again? It is possible only by taking a screenshot. In this article from Iran social security magazine, we tried to answer the question How to send View once messages on Whatsapp? and we have eplained how to see view once on whatsapp again hack. Please share your comments with us. You can also go and read our articles about whatsapp hacking, if you are intrested in this field.