Hacking social networks is difficult, especially for applications close to spying. But is it possible? In this article from Iran Social Security Magazine, we will answer how to spy on telegram messages without having target phone. We will also provide you with methods to prevent spying on Telegram.

How to spy on telegram messages without having target phone

The Russian maker of Telegram once said that if someone could hack or spy on Telegram, he would pay him a lot of money. But his words were not very stable, and he was hacked. Below we will introduce the software that allows you to access and spy on TelegramTelegram.

1 APKInspector

This program is the first software to answer the question of how to spy on telegram messages without having a target phone. Which is available for Android now. APKInspector is a unique application that allows you to use reverse engineering techniques.

Using this program, you can access graphic features and functional analyzes of the status of different users to have a comprehensive view of their performance and the conditions of each user. With this program, you can find the source codes of any Android application you want. Therefore, the APKInspector application is helpful for users looking to hack and spy on Android phones in special ways.

2 AndroidRAT phone hacking application

This program may be the best answer for how to spy on telegram messages without having target phone because the facilities that this program makes available are very different and more specific than other spy programs. AndroidRAT program is considered one of the most exciting programs for hacking Android phones. The part of the name of this program, marked with RAT, stands for Remote Administrative Tool.

Therefore, the nature of the application is determined by its name, and with this application, you can remotely control other people’s phones. This program will be launched automatically after the recipient’s phone is turned on. Some of the most exciting information that you can get using the AndroidRAT application includes comprehensive details on your contact list, contact list, SMS, locations, etc.

Using this program, you can even remotely command to make phone calls, send SMS, take pictures with the phone camera, automatically open the browser page, etc. So if you are looking for a free and interesting phone hacking app, AndroidRAT is one of the best options out there.

3 my controller

The old ones are always the most experienced. This program is one of those programs. This program gives you facilities that a hacker may not be able to access of them at the same time. The features of this software can be mentioned below.

GPS and network tracking are possible. With this software, you will have access to (the location of conversations – messages, programs, camera – microphone, memory information, social network information, etc.). This program can be one of the best to answer the question of how to spy on telegram messages without having target phone, and it will guide you in spying.

Features and capabilities:

  •     Access to text messages
  •     Eavesdropping
  •     Location Access
  •     Access to images taken or downloaded
  •     View all installed software
  •     Access to the calendar
  •     Access to the complete list of contacts
  •     View visited sites
  •     Taking a screenshot of the phone screen
  •     Access to social network messages installed on the phone (WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, IMO, Facebook, Gmail, Skype, Line, Viber, etc.)
  • Remote control (send commands and receive results in real-time)

last words

If you want to access Telegram social network, spy and hack them easily. In this article from Iran Social Security Magazine the question of how to spy on telegram messages without having target phone was answered. If you have used the mentioned programs, share your experience with us in the comment section.