Telegram hacking app: Your Telegram account contains a lot of information about you that some people, for various reasons, are interested in obtaining this information and they want to hack your account. In the continuation of this article on Iran Social Magazine, we want to introduce some Telegram hacking tools such as Telegram keyloggers so that you know them to learn and prevent your account to be hacked.

Is it possible to hack Telegram account?

What is Telegram hacking app? Telegram was introduced as a safe and perfect software from the day it came into our lives, and for this reason, it soon became very popular among users. Telegram uses an extremely powerful encryption system called MTproto, which is not easy to hack, or rather impossible! So much so that Paul Dolph was offering a $ 200,000 prize for someone who could hack a telegram, but so far no one has been able to do so.

So if you see a place where hacking Telegram in 5 seconds or hacking software Telegram or other ads, know that none of them are true and are just irritating ads. Of course, it is true that you can’t find a person by accessing the main Telegram servers, but there are shortcuts that by using these methods, you can only access personal information, but not Telegram itself! In this article, we are going to introduce you to the software that makes this possible for you.

What is Telegram hacking tool?

1: Key logger software (Telegram keylogger)

Key logger is one of the Telegram hacking apps that can record keys typed on a computer keyboard. Such software can run in the background so that you do not even notice that such a program is installed on your computer or mobile phone. To find out, you need to use security software and antivirus software.

There are many legal uses for a Telegram keylogger, such as monitoring your children’s behavior to make sure they are safe online, especially when chatting with strangers online. Or maybe even to monitor employees to make sure they are not copying any confidential files. However, it can also be used for illegal or immoral purposes such as password theft, reading private data, and so on.

There are many keyloggers as Telegram hacking tools, in the Internet world, some of which are free software while others require a paid license. But the point is, free keyloggers are often more limited in terms of performance and stealth. Here we are going to introduce you to some free keylogger software that are at a good level in terms of performance.

Telegram hacking app - Keyloggers

SPYRIX KeyLogger

Another Telegram keylogger is this app that┬áis able to record page keys, clipboard text and take pictures of images, but advanced features are not available for the free version. This software is one of the best and most well-known types of keylogger with which you can be notified of people’s chats and even take screenshots when you want. In the advanced version of this software (actually malware) you can set a screenshot for the article when receiving a message.

Telegram hacking app - SPYRIX Keylogger

Blackbox express

BlackBox Express is a security monitoring and Telegram hacking tool and using as Telegram hacking app that can be used as a keylogger. The free version has not been updated since 2011 and will not be downloaded on the official website, but it works in the latest version of Windows 10.

This Telegram keylogger is slightly different from other devices because it is able to monitor 1 local computer and up to 200 remote computers in the network. . BlackBox Express can record keystrokes, web browsing, running applications, visited websites, web emails, instant messaging chat programs, and image capture.

Telegram hacking app - Blackbox express

Best free Keylogger lite

In our opinion, this is the best free keylogging software and Telegram hacking app at the moment, the feature set is very impressive and has all the standard login functions for recording keys, clipboard, program activity, visited websites and images. The limitation of the free version is that only 10 photos can be created per day. During installation, you will be reminded to add an antivirus removal and you will be asked to set a security password.

Telegram hacking app - BEST FREE KEYLOGGERS LITE

2: Telegram hacking applications

Except Telegram keyloggers, there are other applications that are used for hacking and doesn’t not need to access the other party’s phone to work with them. Actually, these apps open the 1448 port and disable antivirus, so they can enter a person’s telegram account and then And hide themselves from the user, so that the user can not notice this.

AndroRAT app

This Telegram hacking app is probably one of the most interesting hacking tools for Android. Part of the name of this app, which is RAT, stands for Remote Administrative Tool, which means “remote control tool”. Therefore, it is possible for you to control other people’s phones remotely with this program. Some of the most interesting information you can get using this app includes:

  1. Information about your contact list,
  2. Text messages,
  3. Locations, and more.

You will also be able to execute commands for:

  • Make phone calls,
  • Send text messages,
  • Take photos with the phone’s camera,
  • Open the browse, and more.

What is telegram hacking tools - AndroRAT app

Hackcode software

This application is one of the newest apps for hacking phones and accounts, but it only works on Android, which was launched in 2018, but due to its good performance, it has been included in the list of the best Telegram hacking tools.

What is telegram hacking tools - hack code software

Telegram hacking app

Using Telegram hacking tools is a easy way to hack people’s account. In this article on Iran Social Security Magazine, we tried to introduce you some Telegram hacking apps such as Telegram keyloggers that you can use if needed and access other person’s Telegram information. You can also refer to our other related articles such as: How to hack Telegram with Two-Step Verification? Or How to delete hacked Telegram account? and etc.


What are Telegram hacking tools?

There are two types of tools that are used to hack people’s Telegram accounts. The first is key logger apps and the second is hacking and monitoring applications, which we have reviewed thoroughly in this article.

Is it possible to hack Telegram account using apps?

Although the Telegram program is highly secure, it may be hacked with methods such as social engineering or monitoring apps and various tools, so you should take care of your account security.