WhatsApp hacking websites: WhatsApp is one of the best messaging software in the world that you can install and use for free on your phone. In this article from Iran Social Magazine we want to talk about WhatsApp hack websites; If you want to know how to hack WhatsApp? This topic is one of the ways to hack this app, so stay tuned to learn!

WhatsApp security (WhatsApp hack websites)

One of the most important things about WhatsApp security is that it divides into two important parts: Server security and user security. Messengers have to provide server security and capabilities for account security for users. Whether the user makes good use of these features to avoid being hacked is entirely up to him! One of the methods that has a lot of fans is WhatsApp hacking websites.

WhatsApp has one of the most secure servers in the world and can be considered more or less, as an unhackable messenger! On the other hand, WhatsApp has tried to increase the security of users account by some features such as two-step verification. But there are still ways to be hacked in WhatsApp that you should know. There are several ways for hacking that you may be surprised!

whatsapp hack website

WhatsApp hacking websites (WhatsApp Hacking Online)

If you think that WhatsApp hacking website means that you enter the number of the victim on the site and after a few minutes the hacked account will be provided to you, you are completely wrong! There are 3 types of sites which hacking may be done through them; In the following, we will review these three categories of sites.

WhatsApp Web

The first category is actually a site that you may be familiar with or have even used it before. web.Whatsapp.com, which allows you to access your WhatsApp on your PC or laptop, making it much easier for many people in companies and others.

But the point is that other people can also access your WhatsApp account through WhatsApp Web and use this feature as WhatsApp hacking websites! All they have to do is access your phone for a few moments and scan the site barcode with your phone and that’s it! On the other hand, you can easily block this access; WhatsApp notifies you when someone logs in to your account, so you can find out and block access.

whatsapp hack website

Online hackers

WhatsApp Hacking Online: This way is websites that do various hacking services for you and in exchange for money, hack your account and provide it to you with advanced methods that they know. Dealing with this type of hacking is a bit more complicated than other methods. For this you need to pay attention to the signs of WhatsApp being hacked and after you realize you have been hacked, delete your account and create a new account for yourself.

Monitoring websites

Another WhatsApp hacking websites that make it possible for you to hack WhatsApp are sites that provide you monitoring software, and through their site, you can control the account of the victim. This site provides a program for you to install it on the victim’s phone, which will be hidden after installation. After this, you can easily control the victim’s WhatsApp account through the console provided by the website.

To deal with this WhatsApp hack method, you should check the apps installed on your phone through the “Apps” section on settings, and find suspicious applications on the phone, if you do not need them or suspect them, remove them or choose “Force Stop” option.

whatsapp hack website (whatsapp hacking online)


In this article on Iran Social Security Magazine, we tried to introduce you one of the methods of WhatsApp hacking methods, which is WhatsApp hacking websites, so if you want to know How to hack WhatsApp?, by reading this article you will know them and be careful not to be hacked. We will be happy if you share your opinions and experiences with us in the comments section below.