Why is Instagram deleting accounts? Recently, many Instagram users face this problem that their accounts have been deleted by Instagram without notice and for no reason. All of them are trying to restore their accounts and they are afraid of Instagram hacking. In this article on Iran Social Magazine, we want to talk about this issue and teach you how to recover Instagram account after deleting.

Why is Instagram deleting accounts?

There are many reasons why is Instagram deleting or deactivates accounts. For example, inactivity for a long time, reporting by others, or violating Instagram rules and regulations.

After logging in, you may encounter errors such as “Your account has been deactivated” or “Sorry, something went wrong” or even an error such as “Username not found”. In most cases, no notifications will be sent to warn users that their account is in danger of being deactivated or deleted.

why is instagram deleting accounts

Instagram deleting business accounts

Many of the deleted accounts were business accounts with hundreds of work hours and effort. Creating a lot of connections, likes, comments, posts and the sudden loss of all this, dissatisfies any user. Many of these account owners want to get their accounts back, and since Instagram does not have phone support, this can be frustrating for many users.

Many of them have no hope of getting their accounts back or any desire to create a new account or even recommend Instagram to others; Because there is no guarantee of having an account forever and they do not seem to have control over their account.

How do I know if my Instagram account has been deleted?

You may be wondering how to tell that an Instagram account has been deleted. One of the signs of this is that you cannot log into your account. Here you may get a message saying: Your account has been disabled for violating Instagram’s terms.

At this time, if your username is searched by another account, you can find out whether your account has been deleted or not. If you see User Not Found error, it means that your account has been deleted.

Why is Instagram deleting accounts 2022

How to recover Instagram account after deleting?

After we find out why is instagram deleting accounts, we should say that hopefully, if Instagram has removed it, there are some ways to restore your accounts. To do this, you have to request through the Help Center, submit a report, and an Instagram auto-reply email will ask you for additional information about your account.

On Android:

On the login page, you can see the “help” under the login button. Enter your username, email or phone number, then tap on Next button. If you have forgotten your username, you can recover. Tap on “My login information does not work”, then follow the instructions.

On iOS:

To recover instagram account after deleting, tap on “Forgot password” on the login screen. Under the link to log in, you can see “my login information does not work”, click on it, and then follow the instructions. Make sure you enter the correct email address that you have access to. After sending the report, Instagram will send you an email about your request and ask you to provide more information.

why is instagram deleting accounts 2022

Verification methods to recover Instagram account

Why is Instagram deleting accounts? One of the ways to verify, is to send a photo of the user holding a piece of paper with the handwritten code provided by Instagram. Another way to verify an account is to send the email address or phone number of the person who registered and the type of device the user used at the time of registration (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.)

Instagram provides and sends a link to account recovery instructions through which you can log in to your account. The message is:

“Hello, your account has been reactivated and you should be able to access it now. We are sorry for the inconvenience. “If you have any other questions, please visit the Help Center.”

why is instagram deleting accounts?


If you encounter this problem and you want to know why is Instagram deleting accounts? and learn how to recover Instagram account after deleting, you can use the forgotten password to log in via Facebook and check the information carefully. You can also contact Instagram by reporting your account, and after security checks, you may be able to sign in again. We hope you find this article on Iran Social Security Magazine useful! You can also read our other articles such as Instagram hacking.